Called to Witness, Mercy, and Life Together in Christ


  • Worship, education, and outreach – Proclaim the news of the Law and Gospel through music, words, education and art, and promote the growth of our congregation by cultivating new members, volunteers, and church leaders.
  • Child Development Center – Share the gospel of Jesus Christ as we nurture and care for children and families in the Paris area.
  • Grace Lutheran Village – Provide attractive, comfortable economical housing where active retired Lutherans can enjoy an independent lifestyle.

God has called Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church to:

  1. Be a WITNESS.  The Greek word for witness is “martyria”.  The image for Witness is red.  This reminds us of Pentecost and days commemorating the martyrs of the Church.  The witness of Jesus includes not only the spoken Word but also Baptism and Holy Communion.  Our emphasis is mission and evangelism.

At Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, we confess the Lord’s truth both in the Law and the Gospel according to the standards of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, the Holy Scriptures, and the Book of Concord of the year 1580.  We aren’t afraid to tell about our faith to others.

  1. Show MERCY.  The Greek word for mercy is “diakonia”, which means service.  Mercy describes what the service delivers.  The image for Mercy is violet and reminds us of Advent and Lent.  Every act of mercy flows from the cross, where Jesus came to serve us and to give his life as a ransom.  Mercy describes what the service delivers, human care for the sick and elderly, and service to our neighbors.

At Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, we show mercy by using our diverse gifts to serve our fellow members and our community.  We use our gifts to create a wellspring of caring and compassion.

  1. The church’s LIFE TOGETHER is life under the cross of Jesus.  The image is green, the color of the Church, the Pentecost season, and life.  The Greek word for Life Together is “Koinonia”, which is usually translated as fellowship. 

Life together at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church includes many aspects of the church’s life, including worship, church fellowship, Holy Communion and more.

At Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, we engage in witness, mercy, and life together with the cross of Jesus at the center.  These aspects flow into one another.