Classes & Rates*

Weekly Tuition

Infants $142.00
Toddler 1 $124.50
Toddler 2 $124.50
Tots $116.00
Pre-Beginners $108.00
Begindergarten $108.00
These children are alive with the excitement of learning, exploring and growing wonderfully independent.  However, they need to feel the nearness of the family at the same time.  They accept God's love as natural and are fascinated with the Bible stories and the wonders of Go's care.  
School Age  
"School agers" are children who aregeistered in Kindergarten, First or Second Grade but no older than eight years.  They are the "big kids" who come to ourCenter before or after school and during their school vacation days.  The Center's goal is to find new, positive ways for the chilldren to spend their extended days away from home.  As a Christian center, we will nurture their faith development in prayer, devotions, and Bible lessons.  
         Before & After School Care $53.50
         Summer Only $81.50

Monthly Tuition

Preschool $118.50
Not all families need childcare for their children, but they do want to provide them social experience a few hours each day. Here the children have the opportunity to interact with others, while growing in their intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development. They will have wonderful opportunities to develop new relationships, expand their horizons, improve motor development, and grow in their Christian knowledge and faith.  
        Preschool w/ Childcare                      $92.00


There is a $50 fee per child for Childcare, Preschool and School Age.  The registration fee is due upon enrollment and non-refundable.   A$50 renewal fee will be assessed per family each August


Grace Lutheran Members 15%

*Tuition rates may change.  Exact rates will be disclosed at time of enrollment.  Please contact the CDC office for more information.